Jared Allen spent some time with Titans pass rushers this spring

Jared Allen learned a few tricks about getting to the quarterback during an NFL career that ended with 136 sacks and he spent some time this spring passing along what he learned.

In recent years, the offset issue had seemed to subside, with willingness to remove the term becoming a team-driven factor — and with only the Rams and Jaguars routinely doing it. Last year, Jacksonville running back Leonard Fournette avoided offset language at No. 4. The only other player in the top 10 from 2017 to get anything close to that was Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who had the offset language removed from his guaranteed training-camp roster bonuses.

The NFL remains a deadline-driven league, and the only deadline relevant to rookie draft picks is the start of training camp. Still, at a time when most of these contracts are easy to resolve, the offset stare-down may be reemerging as an impediment for the players taken in the top 10.

I have always been taught that when you make a mistake you own up to it, Brown tweeted. I made a mistake eighteen months ago and I’ve been suspended 2 games by the NFL for that isolated mistake. I apologize to the Rams organization and coaches, my family, teammates, friends, supporters and all the Rams fans out there. I let you down. I am going to work extremely hard to show you that this one mistake is not who I am and will not keep me from reaching my personal goals or helping the LA Rams win a Super Bowl! I appreciate your continued support.

Brown will miss games at Oakland and against Arizona.

These opt-in deadlines are leverage pivot points. The Clippers dealt Austin Rivers for Marcin Gortat in part to tilt leverage with DeAndre Jordan (and perhaps the Mavericks, among his suitors) back in their favor. With a starting caliber center in tow, LA bargained harder in trade talks with Dallas until Jordan finally opted out Friday — an outcome for which the Clippers had prepared. Jordan on an expiring deal simply did not have much of a trade market beyond Dallas.

Back to LeBron: I have never quite bought all-in on the idea that he absolutely needs a superstar partner in the bag to go to the Lakers. It would probably help, but LeBron’s decision Friday may be a tell that it was never essential. Leonard could also be on the move soon. We’ll see.

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